Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did You Get That I Want Some Mice?

As transcribed by me:

Dear Grandma,

"I want a mouse from Grandma Susan. And I want to say there’s mices at the pet store. And I want a lot of more presents for my burfday.
And den I will need a... want a Bat Cave and Batman and Robin.

"I already need one mouse, but my friend already got one. I want three mices for my burfday. One is gonna be the brother and the second one is gonna be the sister and the fird one is gonna be the other sister. No, the fird one is gonna be the husband, atchewally.

I want three. Grandma can you get them fer my burfday? But my burfday is gonna be for (in) a long time.

Can you? I want one from the pet store. I want three mices right now."


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